Reminder and favor

Just a friendly reminder that I am just starting out on this whole blogging thing, but I would like to make this into my official daily job. However, I can’t do this alone.

I would greatly appreciate some help in maintaining my blog! I do reviews and such but a lot of these things cost money and even the smallest donations will be super helpful! I kid you not, donate as little or as much as you want, every bit helps!

I have added a paypal donation button to my blog. So please, if you definitely want to see more reviews and other blog posts, donate what you can! I want to keep providing readers with helpful tips!

I’ve already planned out blog posts for this entire week so don’t worry about there being no content. But as I’ve mentioned, keeping up reviews and such costs money so help from the readers is highly appreciated! And when you donate, it helps me to go out and try more new things for you guys!

With love,



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