Tips & Tricks Thursday

It is Tips & Tricks Thursday today!

I will be posting what the title says and today it will be about my oily skin morning routine! So today’s post will be like one huge tip for my fellow oily skin gals. If you know the struggle, I salute you. Seriously. It’s taken me a couple years to eventually get to a good place with my skin.

Not gonna lie to you guys, I barely use American products anymore when it comes to taking care of my face. I’ve had too many hit and misses and my skin is kind of sensitive to the popular cleansers like Neutrogena. So my skin care consists mostly of Korean beauty products and I’ll be sure to list off where to buy it online.

I don’t know what it is, but Korean products are just light years ahead of American ones. (In my personal opinion so take that with a grain of salt.) Every since I made the switch, my skin cleared up immediately. And my oiliness died down by a significant amount as well. I also attribute my better skin to sheet masks, so be sure to check out my Mask Mondays posts every week!


First step to my morning routine: cleanser. I use this rice water bright cleansing foam by The Face Shop. It smells delightful and works really well. There are both Korean and English instructions on the back so that’s a plus. This is how I use it: I wet my hands with warm water and then I apply an adequate amount to my hand. I use this chart to measure out how much product I need.

After I’ve gotten my amount, I rub my hands together to work it into a creamy foam lather. That’s when I begin applying it to my face, rubbing it in gently and working it in places that needs it the most. When you’re done, just rinse it off and step one is clear.


Step two: moisturizer. I use this aloe vera gel by Nature Republic. This thing is amazing! It’s an all-in-one product too, you can use it for a multitude of things but I use it mostly as a face moisturizer. It smells great and the feeling is refreshing.

It’s perfect for oily skin because it doesn’t over do it on the moisture and the product soaks into the skin nicely. It also doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy feeling, which is fantastic for me.

Apply the appropriate amount (refer to the chart I linked off before) and then give it a few minutes to dry.


Now onto my final step (yes, this only has 3 steps): serum. I use this peach sake pore serum by Skin Food. After you have given the aloe vera gel enough time to dry, apply a small amount of serum to the face. Be sure to focus on the areas of your face with the most concentration of pores as this serum is suited for pore care.

This serum also smells good, you smell the peach more than anything. There is also no sticky residue feeling.

Your skin is now ready for the day! And because my morning routine uses only 3 products, I feel like it’s easy for anyone to do.

So there it is! My oily skin morning routine! It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s simple. I love it and I’ve been using this same routine (only with different cleansers) for months. It’s been the best setup I’ve used so far to help keep my face clear of breakouts. My face always looks so rejuvenated in the morning too.

I feel like the less products you use, the better chance you have of clearing your skin. I’ve seen several routines where people use so many different things and I’m just like why? Sometimes, overdoing it can actually cause your skin to react badly. And you end up spending more money in the long run because you’re using so many different products.

I’ll be linking off where to buy everything here. The Face Shop cleanser and the Nature Republic aloe vera gel and last but not least, the Skin Food serum

Hope everyone enjoyed today’s post! Have any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and leave a reply!

With love,



3 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks Thursday

  1. I do have 1 question, on the cleanser… what is the scent like? I like my face washes to feel very refreshing and having a clean scent is always a plus. -H


    • The cleanser has a very light delicate scent, almost like a baby body wash! It’s relaxing and not too strong. And the purpose of the cleanser (other than cleaning lol) is to help brighten your whole complexion and I feel that it does that. Hope this helps! Thank you for your comments! They are much appreciated 🙂

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