Tea Tuesdays


Welcome to another Tea Tuesdays that make us go tee tee!

Er, I mean, Tea Tuesdays!

Today, I will be mentioning a Starbucks tea and some teas that I purchased from a Central Market out of town. So stay tuned if you’re curious to see what I’m talking about!

So the first tea I’ll be talking about is the one I got from Starbucks.


Cute cup right? Anyway, my friend and I were looking to try a new refreshing tea after a long day of shopping and walking around. We pulled up to a Starbucks and saw some new flavors on the menu. Unfortunately for us, they were out of one of them so the nice lady working the drive-thru offered us another option.

So that’s how we ended up getting a Teavana Shaken Iced Green Tea Lemonade with some mango flavor added in. See, we were looking to try a mango black tea thing because we had actually tried something similar at the Teavana store. As I mentioned though, they were out. But this new option was super refreshing and delicious!

The next time you stop by your local Starbucks and want a summery green tea drink, order something like this for sure! It’s light but full of flavor. The lemonade adds a tartness to it while the mango adds a small burst of fruitiness to the green tea.

My next teas are the ones that I bought from the Central Market. I’ve never tried this brand before but boy was I surprised!


They’re huge cans, similar to the Arizona green teas if you’ve had those. But these are a way better option in my opinion. I’ve tried the pomegranate flavor and it’s freaking amaze balls! You can definitely taste the pomegranate but it’s not overwhelming and the tea itself feels light. I drank about half the can and didn’t feel too bad about it. Take a look at the nutrition value.


Note: I took one pic but the facts for both teas are exactly the same other than the flavor. The sugar part is hard to read but it says 16g.

You can see for yourself that it’s pretty healthy. It’s all natural, you can actually read the ingredients and it’s gluten-free for those who are watching that sort of thing. Also, the calorie count is pretty darn good. There’s 3 servings in one can and each serving is only 60 calories. Which means this huge can of green tea is only 180 calories in total! That’s fantastic! And why I didn’t feel bad about drinking half the can in one day.

And you aren’t skimping on flavor, it’s made with pure cane sugar and honey. I’ll be definitely drinking the green tea with ginseng flavor soon and my friend got the blueberry flavor, so hopefully I can try that one too when we meet up next.

I hope this was sort of informative and encourages all you readers to go out and try more green teas! It’s healthy and a great summer time drink when iced/cold.

Any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and leave a reply~

With love,



One thought on “Tea Tuesdays

  1. I have to check out those green teas! I’ve been drinking green tea and jasmine recently, but green tea and pomegranate sounds delicious! I actually know what everything on the ingredients list is. ❤

    Ty for sharing! ^^


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