Suggestion Saturday


I’ve been looking forward to Suggestion Saturday all week because of this particular book! I haven’t even finished Modern Romance yet but it’s so good, I keep telling one of my friends about it because I’ve been waiting to do this post.

So if you already know of Aziz Ansari, then you will trust me when I say this book has very good humor. But it’s also very informative. Is your interest piqued? Then keep reading for my full review!

I was at Barnes & Noble with a friend when I came across these two books. I haven’t started on The Good Shufu yet but when I do, trust that there will be a review.

I’m already a fan of Aziz, so when I saw this I was like “I have to get it now, there’s no turning back.” Also, the friend I was with had told me about the book prior to our shopping day.

The book is about exactly what the title says, Modern Romance.

Aziz is so smart! He literally did a few years of research with people from accredited universities and traveled the world to write this book! There are all kinds of charts and graphs for those who like to see the percentages in image form too.

The book starts from the earlier years of romance and how it has changed over time. He did interviews with many different people from all over the world and did focus groups as well. So everything is backed up by facts that he himself had learned from going out and asking real people like you and me.

There’s no bullsh*t when it comes to this book. Everything I’ve read so far, I can either relate to someone I know or myself. I’m sure you will find the same thing if you read this book. And the way Aziz writes most of it, it comes across as comedic and makes you laugh out loud. Always a plus!

When I say it’s informative, I mean in the sense that it gives you so many honest answers from people that you could actually learn a thing or two from it. I don’t mean this in a bad way at all but I can already think of a friend who could use this book in her collection.

If you are bad with dating or have questions that you normally wouldn’t be comfortable asking anyone, READ THIS BOOK. It’s like an encyclopedia of dating facts and how to go about it. And if you think there is a stigma surrounding online dating, READ THIS BOOK. Do you think getting married at a later age is bad? READ THIS BOOK.

I’m telling you, it will either answer your questions or make you feel empowered about being single. Sometimes, people focus too much on the age they want to be married or whether or not finding someone online is frowned upon.

I’m 24 and happily single. I’m not looking and I don’t plan to for awhile. If I happen to meet someone within the next couple of years then fine. Because whatever happens, happens. And this book makes me feel a lot better about being single. Before, I thought it was bad that I had no current boyfriend or plans for dating. This book will open up your eyes and let you see the entire world’s perspective. You are not alone.

Or if you are in a good relationship and happy, this book will make you feel good about that too. It’s literally for everyone. It shares horror stories of bad dates and things, yes (which are absolutely hilarious sometimes). But it also shows the really good side of dating and how people end up getting married to their life-long best friend.

All in all, this book is a must for people who are in the dating world. Or if you’re in a relationship, this will be a good laugh and very eye opening. There isn’t a bad thing about this book, Aziz was just too honest for it to be anything but great.

Looking for a comedic book that’s also real? This is it. It’s like multiple modern rom-coms in book form!

Have any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and leave a reply~

With love,



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