Womanly Wednesdays


It’s that time of the week again, Womanly Wednesdays!

I hope you all are as excited as I am because this time around, I’ll be talking about a favorite nail polish brand of mine. It also happens to have a gel effect so who’s ready to hear about Nails Inc?

I first saw this brand of gel polish when I was watching YouTube beauty gurus. I saw a certain shade and just thought, I have to have that nail color!

And that’s basically how I came across the Nails Inc Gel Effect polishes.

IMG_2695 IMG_2696

These are the 3 shades I purchased. I don’t have local stores that carry these so I had to buy online. You can buy the Nails Inc brand pretty much anywhere online, including Sephora. 

Out of the three, I have to say my absolute favorite shade is the Regents Place. This was actually the shade I saw online and fell in love with. They’re all beautiful shades though and I only took pics of the last shade I wore recently, just to give readers an idea of how this polish wears.


Porchester Square is the color I’m wearing here. Excuse the slight mess, I forgot to clean up around my nails a little bit. But as you can see, the polish wears beautifully. The color is true to the packaging as well!

And as for the top coat, I just used one I had lying around. Even just using another brand of top coat, this polish lasted a full week before I started seeing wear and tear! Very good quality in my opinion. I work a lot with my hands so I’m used to seeing the color fade and chip off after a few days.



I don’t really have any complaints about this polish. The brand is amazing and the colors are opaque! The gel effect is sort of there but I think it’s because I don’t use the Nails Inc top coat. If I use that, I think I would see more of that effect.

I definitely want to go out and buy more shades in this collection! So I recommend this brand wholeheartedly!

Liked today’s post? Have any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and drop a reply~

With love,



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