Mask Mondays


It’s that time of the week, Mask Mondays!

Again, I know I know, no one really likes Mondays. I don’t either but at least we can spruce it up a bit with some talk about beauty stuff like sheet masks! This week, I’ll be going over bargain sheet masks. For those looking to save money but want a little something to tide them over until payday, this is for you.

I was shopping on Amazon one day and you know how they have free shipping if your order is over $35? Well my order was just a little bit below that so I had to find something to add but something decent.

Being a sheet mask addict, I decided to look around and see what deals they had. That’s how I came across these.


Note: I used up most of the masks already which is why only 4 are pictured here.

And if you click on the link for the masks, that’s combo 2. There are other different kinds that you can get in a pack of 10. So not only do you get a good deal, you get some variety as well. The pricing does vary but it’s usually a little less than $10 for these packs.


The masks aren’t the best quality but again, I stress that this is more of a bargain buy and the amount of serum it has is pretty good. I consider these to be that extra oomph that I need in between usage of my good masks. Again, these are great for helping you stick it out until you can get your next order of sheet masks.

Now, if you are thinking that 10 isn’t enough like me you can go big and get a pack of 45 sheet masks.


Yes, you heard right, 45 sheet masks. And this only costs $18. That’s a HUGE deal! This bargain is even better than the 10 pack from Amazon! Not saying the other bargain isn’t good or anything, but you do save a bit more when you buy this pack from Imomoko.


Not the best quality but it does the trick. I consider these my daily masks, kind of like one day use contact lenses. You just slap this on for 10 minutes after a shower or some kind of facial cleansing and then you’re good to go. It’s like a small pick me up to help give your face a little lift.

Fair warning though, the masks come altogether in one bag so to avoid contamination I would suggest either washing your hands first or using soft tweezers to pull them out. I’m a clean freak myself so I’m careful about this part.

Enjoyed today’s post? Have any questions or comments for me? Don’t be shy and leave a reply~

With love,



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