Womanly Wednesdays


I know summer is technically almost over but in some areas, summer can be pretty long lasting. Hence, why today’s Womanly Wednesdays will be about foot care.

Because what do we ladies wear in hot weather? Flip flops and sandals of course! Gotta show off that new nail polish, am I right? So I’m really glad I came across Freeman’s Bare Foot Butter Cream.


I’m a bit of a clean freak, so I tend to take really good care of my feet by washing them quite often. This leads to them getting dry really quickly though so I had to find a solution to help balance everything out.

That’s how I came across this butter cream. I was looking in the foot care section of my local supermarket and this stood out to me because of the scents. Vanilla and jasmine, can’t go wrong with those. I like to nourish my feet before bed time so I thought that going for a relaxing smell would be better for me. And this stuff definitely is soothing.

It’s a really thick cream and I see results straight away. The next day when I wake up, my feet are already looking so much better! So I can say without a doubt that this stuff really works. Because it’s so thick however, it does take some pressure to squeeze it out. Other than that, can’t complain about the quality.

So if you have dry feet, definitely go for this foot cream! It smells delightful and you start to see results almost immediately! It’s great for a last minute solution if you have somewhere to go the next day and you don’t have time for a pedicure.

Liked today’s post? Have any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and drop a reply~

With love,



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