Tips & Tricks Thursday


Why do I feel like this week is flying by? It’s already Thursday! Which, of course, means it’s also Tips & Tricks Thursday!

Today, I will be talking about some basic lip care that some people actually don’t think about. It’s actually pretty important to take good care of your lips, especially for wearing makeup. So keep reading to learn more!

First up, you gotta get rid of that dead skin!


I have a bad habit of picking at the skin on my lips when they’re dry so don’t feel left out in that department. Once your lips get to a certain dryness, you really need to use a scrub of some sort to get that dead skin off. I use a Lush lip scrub that I picked up when I was in California for vacation. It’s perfect for me because it’s mint flavored so I feel like I’m freshening up a bit.

However, any lip scrub you can come across will work. Just make sure that it isn’t too rough, read up on reviews before you make a purchase!

Afterwards, immediately slap on some kind of moisture.


I use a variety of lip balms because I’m a huge lip product hoarder. And I love to wear all kinds of lipsticks, lip glosses, etc. So keeping my lips in good condition is a must for me. I’ve found that the little Vaseline lip balms are super hydrating! I use the rose for when I want more of a tint to my lips.

The chap stick was something that came in my Ipsy bag and I ended up loving because of how moisturizing it is! Basically, any ultra-moisture lip balm will do in this case.

You can even do this as a preparation before you put on a matte lip look! Just follow these steps and then do your usual makeup routine. Once you get to the lips, wipe off the excess lip balm and then put on a matte lipstick of your choice! You will find that the finish ends up being flawless!

Did you enjoy today’s post? Have any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and drop a reply~

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