Free-for-all Friday


Guess what guys? It’s Friday! And I’m so excited, do you know why? I’ve mentioned it before: Blue Apron.

So today’s Free-for-all Friday will temporarily be known as Foodie Friday! Keep on reading to see my experience with this online meal delivery service!

I didn’t take pictures of the box or anything (because I didn’t see the need to) but just know that everything they send you is indeed fresh. And the box is insulated so even if you weren’t home at the moment of delivery, the food won’t go bad right away.

I tried my first recipe with a friend and we actually had a lot of fun cooking! Everything was simple and easy to follow! And we didn’t need to use any fancy kitchen tools, we just used what we had to work with.


The recipe cards look like this. We tried a pork chop recipe with a salsa and kamut. Kamut is described as an ancient form of large chewy wheat for those who didn’t know (like me).

First thing we did was wash all the fresh produce. When I say fresh, I mean FRESH. They sent me the corn in its husk! My friend outright laughed when I showed him. And then we got started on boiling the water for the kamut. While doing that, we made the salsa.


The salsa is as tasty as it is pretty. Super simple to make, everything was so easy to follow. It was a breeze to multi-task because the kamut is pretty much cooked like pasta, so while waiting on that, we could do other steps.


After the kamut was finished, we drained the water and added it back to the same pot (super convenient) and then added the spinach and corn that we had cooked beforehand. This step was so easy and healthy to boot!


One of the last steps was to cook the pork chops. Surprisingly enough, this was also easy to do! We cooked the meat in the same pan used to cook the spinach and corn, CONVENIENCE. Also, I forgot to mention this but they give you everything you need, which includes seasonings! They even gave us a teaspoon of butter, which made us laugh. Everything is measured for the recipe so no waste.


And that was pretty much it! We made a sauce with some balsamic vinegar and the leftovers in the pan. There was no huge mess or random emergency situation. All that was left was to plate everything (I chose the option of servings for two people). Now get ready for some really pretty food porn shots!

IMG_2814 IMG_2816 IMG_2817 IMG_2819

Not gonna lie, we were AMAZED at how delicious this was! Like, we both looked at each other and said “did we really make this?” AND WITH OUR OWN TWO HANDS? It was just total disbelief for the both of us. It was that good.

All in all, I definitely recommend Blue Apron! The recipe cards give you all the info you need and the instructions are so easy to follow! My friend and I are no cooks, but we ended up making this delicious gourmet meal!

Enjoyed today’s post? Have any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and leave a reply~

With love,



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