Tea/Coffee Tuesdays


The weather is looking beautiful today! Hope everyone is having a good day so far. Welcome back to another Tea Tuesdays or Coffee Tuesdays.

I’ve decided to make it a bit of both, one week it will be tea and another it will be coffee. Today, I’ll be mentioning another seasonal favorite from Starbucks: Salted Caramel Mocha. Along with another goodie that I tried!


A sneak peek at my little treat from Starbucks! Something about the fall season just makes me want to try all the new things. But first, back to a favorite seasonal drink.

If you have never tried a salted caramel mocha before, definitely look into it! I’m a huge fan of salted caramel anything to be honest, so this coffee is perfect! It saddens me that it’s seasonal. It’s got the right amount of saltiness to it to where it doesn’t seem odd in coffee, I love it. And of course, caramel and mocha go well together.


How cute is the pumpkin scone?! (I got these pics off my Snap Chat, just realized I forgot the pic of the coffee.) It’s a decent size! I thought it would be small! And it’s not like usual scones in my opinion, it’s very moist and soft, super delicious! I wasn’t able to finish the entire thing in one sitting, I had to save a bit for later. It’s not too sweet even with the icing.

I know today’s post is a bit short and sweet but I had to do it anyway because I’m in love with this season! If anyone else feels the same, go out and try these things! And then come back to tell me your experience!

Enjoyed today’s post? Have any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and leave a reply~

With love,



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