Mask Mondays


Hello all! Hope everyone had a good start to the week, I had a nice morning myself. It’s also Mask Mondays!

So this week, I’ll actually be mentioning something that isn’t really a mask, but I treat it like one. I use this Mizon Snail Cream as a sort of overnight healing treatment for my face. If you like that sort of thing, keep reading!


I have the smaller size because I actually received this in a subscription bag, still quite the decent amount of product. I have been using this for awhile now so I can safely review this with my full and honest thoughts.


The Koreans swear by snail secretion as a beauty must and I believe them now, after a couple of years of using products that have it. Yeah, this isn’t my first time using a product with snail goo and this one has 92% snail mucus extract. It claims to have outstanding skin regeneration and recovery and solves multiple skin concerns. AKA, this is why it’s called the “all-in-one” repair cream.


The formula is very serum-like so I usually put this on last and right before I get ready for bed. Hence, why I sort of use this like a mask, I leave it on overnight. I can honestly say that this stuff is amaze balls. I wake up and my skin looks NICE. It doesn’t look tired, the pores look smaller, and some acne scars aren’t as visible. And I think with more use, it’s been doing its job well as I have been using this for weeks now.

Would I recommend this? Hell yeah! I love any Korean beauty product with snail secretion, it works wonders on my skin. I have seen rave reviews on products like these so I definitely think you guys should go and try some out. You can find the full size version here on Amazon

Enjoyed today’s review? Have any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and leave a reply~

With love,



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