Tips & Tricks Thursday


Hello everyone! It’s getting closer to the weekend and that’s gotta count for something right? It’s Tips & Tricks Thursday!

So this idea came to me when I was online shopping for heels because I’m going to a wedding next month. First off, which heel to choose? And then, how do I wear these without completely killing my feet? Well, I’ve got another Pinterest find for you guys that’s going to be really useful.

First off, this chart is SUPER helpful for finding which heel you want because it literally lists off all kinds.


Found which one is right for you? Now I bring your attention to the actual article it came from on Buzzfeed. 

Click the link and read up on some very helpful tips and how-to advice on wearing heels. This article takes bits and pieces from everywhere to bring you the best help. It ranges from how to properly walk in heels to the after foot care process. Trust me, you will want to read this and then bookmark the page for future references.

Enjoyed today’s post? Have any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and drop a reply~

With love,



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