Mask Mondays


Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a nice start to the week, I know most aren’t a fan of Mondays but who can you blame? Get ready for a different take on Mask Mondays today!

I find that mostly talking and reviewing masks sometimes doesn’t help with the whole “skincare” part because before you use the mask, you gotta properly prep your skin! So today, I’m going back to a fave YouTuber of mine and showing you one of her absolutely insightful videos on facial cleansing.

Having all the best sheet masks in the world will mean nothing if you don’t properly prep your skin for that mask. Proper care of your face includes the removal of makeup and if you don’t do that correctly, you could not be getting the full benefits of your skincare.

So below, I’m sharing an 8 minute video by one of my favorite beauty gurus. It’s Pony!

Be sure to watch the video and learn some really helpful tips on facial cleansing and skincare! I promise you, it is an eye opener.

Enjoyed today’s post? Have any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and leave a reply~

With love,



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