Just Do It?


I feel like it’s the final countdown or something, with Christmas just around the corner. So more posts about my holiday shopping and gift ideas it is!

I think that a gift you can’t go wrong with are athletic shoes. Everyone needs a pair, whether it actually be for training or just wearing about generally. And a good brand you can find on sale at stores like TJ Maxx is Nike.


As you can see from the tag on the side, this particular pair of shoes retails for $75. The price I paid at TJ Maxx? $34.99 

If that’s not a deal then I don’t know what is! It’s so easy to miss good deals if you don’t look. Visit stores like these (Ross, Marshalls, etc.) and you will find your favorites for lesser prices. And these shoes are oh so pretty.

I actually like to go walking/running so I will be using these for both general wear and training. Very sleek and stylish if I do say so myself.


Also, I feel like athletic shoes are a win-win purchase for both females and males. So it’s a great idea if you are stumped on what to buy.


Enjoyed today’s post? Have any questions or comments? Don’t be shy and drop a reply~

With love,



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