My New Year’s Eve


I just did a post about resolutions and now I’m gonna tell you guys about how I spent my New Year’s Eve! It was mostly a chill day with a friend but it was very fun.

I didn’t stay up too terribly late (I’m an old soul at heart) so I was only awake until about 1AM. I still did enough to celebrate and bring in the new year my way.

As you may have assumed from my main pic, I played some Star Wars: Battlefront!


If you’re a bit of a gamer like myself, you will know that this game is pretty darn fun. I played a lot of co-op with my friend and then some online as well.

Also got some Taco Bell! Their new Starburst slush drinks are amaze balls! They have a cherry and a strawberry flavor, can you guess which one I got? My friend and I shared the big box and ordered some sides as well. Everything was spot on and delicious.


Because we took turns playing online matches in Battlefront, I would play around with Snap Chat and I managed to get this cute photo bomb! Look at that adorable face!

We also watched some movies and then we got down to planning dinner. And let me tell you, our dinner was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

Not gonna lie, neither one of us had tried this box from Pizza Hut but man oh man! It was all super yummy! And that dessert, holy cow it was to die for. This was a really great way to bring in the new year, with tons of delicious food. I loved it all.


And that was my evening! Nothing too crazy and nothing too fancy, just the way I like it. I like my evenings to be laid back anyway. I hope all of you readers and fellow bloggers out there had a fun time as well!

With love,



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