Tea Tree For Life


As some of you may already know (especially if you have read my beauty reviews), I am obsessed with anything that has tea tree in it.

Tea tree oil is just absolutely amazing for my skin and to me it smells incredible. If you recall one of my earliest sheet mask reviews, I claim a tea tree relaxing mask as my favorite. So put that ingredient in a body wash and I’m sold.


This body wash is actually not all that new to me, I’ve been using it for a REALLY long time now. Basically, I had one of those moments where I went back to an “oldie but goodie” product. As a beauty enthusiast/blogger, I like to try all kinds of new things all the time and that tends to make me forget about my go-to favorites.


It was nice to be able to go back to a product that I knew I liked and could get easily. Especially since it’s a HUGE amount of product for a decent price, I got this for around three dollars and some change. I get this at my local Wal-Mart so it’s easy to find when I’m in need of body wash.


And not just the tea tree oil, but the other essential oils as well make this body wash really amazing. It feels good on the skin and it smells so lovely! I feel like it’s one of those herbal-y and soothing scents that pairs well with a hot shower. It’s such a great well-rounded product, definitely worthy of sharing with you guys.

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