My One Birthday Wish


Hey guys! This morning’s post is gonna be akin to a heart-to-heart talk because today is my birthday and special days like these make you think about things.

What is my one birthday wish? It might surprise you or it might not, but I want something that can’t be bought. I want help to share my content from my blog with others.

Why did I start my blog in the first place? To help other fellow beauty lovers with my reviews and to share my daily life with people willing to listen.

I’m a writer through and through, the only thing I know how to do well is write. It’s my passion as well as my outlet whenever I need to let some emotions out.

So my birthday wish is to get help, in any way possible, to share my content with others.

If you are a reader and you know someone who would enjoy my blog, share it! If you think one of my reviews (or more than one) can help another beauty lover out, share it!

All I want to do is help people out, even if it’s in the smallest ways possible. Sharing my life and putting my content out there is all so people can read it and maybe take a load off after a long hard day.

If you sat through and read all this, I thank you sincerely. And don’t worry, I will most definitely have a regular blog post later this evening.

With love,

Maricela aka The Purple Realm


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