That Perfect Setting


Hello and happy Friday to you all! I have big plans for the weekend and what better way to sign off on this week than to write a post about a proper setting.

You know what I’m talking about, right? That perfect setting where you feel like you can pretty much write about anything and nothing and even conquer the world while you’re at it. Let me share with you my goals on achieving that writing utopia.


Check out this cozy area! A place right by a window sill with amazing natural lighting, it’s perfect for both reading and writing. This is goals.


What’s better than a nice, clean, and tidy area to write in? I can’t think of much and this is close to that euphoric point. I love the stationary as well, it sort of motivated me to go out and buy good pens and a decent journal.


Okay, now this is just heaven. You’ve got the bed, complete with fairy lights, books, and a nice window for natural light and a view. GOALS!


And what’s a good writing setting without some amazing pens? Just looking at this gives me a warm feeling of sunshine and rainbows. Or maybe it’s just all the pretty colors? Either way, I would spend all my time writing with these.


This is something that I need in my life. A small library full of amazing relics and trinkets, along with a plethora of good books. I would honestly spend hours reading and writing here and be totally at peace.


What’s better than a rainy day, by the window sill, with a lovely candle and a good book? I would say nothing, but to each their own. I would honestly have a hard time leaving.


This gives me such a surge of happiness. I love the little tray with the cute tea set, especially with me being an avid tea drinker. I would never get out of bed, but I would get so much writing done.


Speaking of tea, a nice cuppa would really tie in the whole perfect setting entirely. Anyone else agree? Or maybe you can think of something else? Let me know your thoughts! (If you’re curious about the sources of the pics, check out my tumblr for the links)

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