Soap & Glory


Hello everyone! I’m continuing on with the whole shower theme and reviewing some products that took me a long time to finally purchase.

And I don’t know why either, I’m now obsessed with Soap & Glory. Silly me for taking forever and a day to get on that train. If you’re like me, or you just haven’t heard of this UK brand yet, keep reading to find out more!

I bought the Clean On Me shower gel and The Righteous Butter body lotion. Can we please just take a moment to talk about the packaging? I’m in love with the retro theme! And all the fun little tag lines on the bottles add a bit of humor as well.

These are decent sized bottles at 16.2 fluid ounces each, which makes me a happy camper because I won’t have to repurchase for awhile. Let me start off by saying the scent of this line smells so wonderfully feminine.

The site describes the “original pink fragrance” as: fresh bergamot, mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, and soft musk with an amber base note. 

Does that not sound amazing?

Reading the formula for the lotion, I got very excited because I need more hydrating products in the winter, especially for my hands. It definitely does the job! That shower gel is absolutely fantastic as well.

First time using it in my shower routine, I pretty much fell in love. The fragrance was light but it stuck to my skin like a nicely wrapped parcel. Combine that with the lotion afterwards and I was smelling like a million bucks. The soft skin helps too.

I was honestly impressed with how long the fragrance lasted. I didn’t even need to use a body mist when going out because I still smelled of the “pink” fragrance hours later.


Would I recommend? Absolutely! You can purchase these products easily at Ulta and the prices are super reasonable. I feel like I’m bathing in something high-end, but I’m not paying a ridiculous amount for the benefits. Have you had the soap and the glory yet?

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