Ulta Black Eyeliner


Hello everyone! In today’s blog post I’m going to be reviewing an eyeliner I haven’t tried before. I have been favoring a Nyx brand one for too long, I needed to expand my horizons.

And what better way to start off than to go for an Ulta brand! It’s affordable and easy to find. If you’re definitely interested in my review, keep reading to see more.


I got the automatic eyeliner by Ulta in black. Girl’s gotta have her standard black eyeliner. Although, I do want to go for another color next time like blue or purple. I think that would be really fun!

I tested it out on the back of my hand first (I do this with pretty much every new eyeliner) and I found that it glided quite smoothly. Good first impression so far. Turns out, it works just as well on the eye.

I tried it out in my waterline first to see how it holds up against tears and what not. It did surprisingly well, the color stayed nice and dark for a good long while and it didn’t smudge easily. Staying power was decent, it honestly depends on tears, sweat, etc.

Second pic is trying it on my lid and I found that it was not only simple to put on, but it was easy to work it into a wing using a liner brush. Kudos! For the sheer fact that this isn’t a “high-end” product, I would say this did superbly. I definitely recommend it.

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