Nifty Storage


Hey guys! How’s it going? It’s totally raining cats and dogs where I live, but it’s about time honestly. Texas was getting ridiculous high temp weather for February.

It kind of got me inspired to do a home decor type post because I feel like rainy weather is perfect for reading. Looking at my shelf, I remembered my secret storage books! Never used one? Well, you’re totally missing out.

First off, look at how freaking gorgeous these things look! And you can find ALL KINDS of hollowed out books in many different designs and colors. You just gotta shop around and find what works best for you and your aesthetic.

Why are these known as book safes? Well that’s because they look like regular books on the outside, but they’re actually hollow inside.

How freaking cool is that? I show you one of my books with my collectibles in it and the other book without anything. I put my mini sword in the corner so you can see the depth of the inside.

To me, it’s convenient storage for any item you want to put in there. It can be important documents or it can be cool little trinkets, the options are endless.

On top of all that, they’re pleasing to the eye. You can put these with the rest of your actual books on the shelf like I did and hide your “secrets” from everyone else. It technically doesn’t even have to be a secret, but it’s fun to play around with the idea. Use your imagination!

You can easily find these at stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc. But I’m also sure you can find more varieties online.

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