My Current Fave Looks


Happy Friday to you all! I’m so glad the weekend is here, it’s kind of been a long week. I thought I’d go out with a bang and share some tutorials that I love.

If you aren’t familiar with the talented makeup artist Pony by now, well where have you been? She’s got a YouTube channel with fantastic makeup tutorials! Here are my top 3 current faves.

This easily became my fave for the fact that the focus is on the orange lips and cheeks. One thing you will learn about me is that when it comes to a bright lip color, I almost always go for orange or coral, I find it absolutely gorgeous!

This look is perfect for me because it’s a purple lover’s dream. The mauve tones are stunning and this look is technically a smokey eye, but it’s subtle enough in my opinion that you can use it day or night.

And finally, the third look is something I will be obsessed with for the upcoming warmer months. It’s fun and fresh, the colors are bright and remind me of going away on a summer vacation. It’s basically perfect.

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