Painless Grooming?


Hey guys! So after my last hiccup with trying a facial wax, I decided to go for something I usually wouldn’t. A creme hair remover.

I’ve had issues with it in the past, I have sensitive skin that doesn’t agree with these types of things. However, I decided to try this because it’s supposedly new and better than the original formula. It’s the Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Kit.

This is a duo kit with both a hair remover and an aftercare lotion. I’m pretty sure the moisturizing lotion was what sold me, I think the two steps is a good idea to help prevent irritation.

So the claims are: it’s fast and pain-free, gets rid of unwanted facial hair without pain or stubble, and it’s great for face, upper lip and chin.

Also, this says it has a “clean fresh scent” but it still had that funky hair remover smell so if you are really adverse to that, you might want to look at another product.

The max amount of time to wear this is 8 minutes and I believe that wholeheartedly so do NOT go over that time limit. I went for 7 minutes (better to be safe than sorry) and you know what? This actually freaking worked like a charm.

Not only did it remove all the little hairs without any pain, there was no usual redness or irritation. I was so surprised, I almost forgot to use the aftercare lotion. But don’t worry, I did use it and it was honestly a very nice product.

If you want a painless way of removing facial hair, I definitely recommend this kit! (I got mine from Walgreens.) The formula is so much better now and the lotion is a fantastic addition. My face feels so smooth and I love it.

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