Gel Pens For The Soul


Hello everyone! I hope after seeing my main pic, you guys are excited as I am for today’s post. If you are obsessed with stationary, you will love these gel pens I purchased from Amazon.

Curious to see what they are exactly? Well then, keep reading to find out more!


I got the cute storage mason jar from a TJ Maxx store in case anyone was wondering. Anywho, onto the pens! Being a writer at heart (seriously, it’s the one thing I’m good at) I love having amazing pens.

And what makes my heart beat? GEL PENS! Especially really pretty ones from a popular Japanese brand known as Sakura Gelly Roll.

You can easily find this specific type, the Moonlight gel pens, here on Amazon for a decent price. If you keep on scrolling through the brand, you will see many other varieties as well! So if the Moonlight ones aren’t really your thing, look at their other selections.

I promise you will find gel pens best suited to your taste, and this specific brand has great reviews! As it should, these pens write phenomenally well and have a gorgeous color effect on paper. Sometimes I feel like I’m painting when I’m writing down lists and stuff, how fun is that?

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With love,



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