Nostalgia: TV Shows


Hello everybody! Welcome to a new series called Nostalgia. This will (hopefully) be a weekly thing where I share about my favorite things from the 90’s.

For those who don’t know already, I was born in 1991. I’m a total 90’s kid and not afraid to show it. I just love the idea of taking a trip down memory lane and recalling the good memories, which includes my favorite TV shows.


My DVD collection that I am very proud of. I bought these when they first came out so I’m not sure if the cover design is still the same now.

This show started in 1994 and aired all the way until the season finale in 2004. That’s ten solid years of this amazing show that is still popular to this very day! People binge watch this on Netflix all the time (including myself). And for good reason, it’s hilarious and touches on various topics involving the lives of six friends.

ANYONE can relate to this show, every person that I knew at the time would always try to pick who they resembled the most. Was it Ross? Sometimes. Other times people would say that they were totally a Monica.

Me? Well I was kind of a mixture of all six. Check out some of my favorite moments from the show to see what I mean. Everyone had a quality that I could relate to!

I still find myself quoting the hell out of this show or going back and re-watching my favorite episodes, time and time again. I don’t get tired of it! Does anyone else have a show that holds a special place in their heart?

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3 thoughts on “Nostalgia: TV Shows

  1. Finally! Someone else who randomly quotes Friends! I do it all the time! I was in the car today and it got stuck in second gear, so I said to my Dearest “the car’s stuck in second gear… when it hasn’t been your day, your week your month or even your year….”
    He didn’t get it. 😦

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