The Start of Something Great


Hey guys! So I’ve been talking about making changes to my blog in that I wanted to integrate more “writing” by adding a little something. That something is short stories.

This isn’t my first time dabbling with story writing, but I thought I’d start off small with a funny snippet of a friend and I playing video games together. I gave us character names just so it could give me something to play around with in the future. Hope you enjoy!

The Adventures of Malia and Dexter

“Dex, for God’s sake, use your thermal detonator!” Malia shouted after trying so hard to keep in her backseat gaming.

But by the time she had finally let out her thoughts, Dexter’s character on Battlefront had just died. Horribly. By a horde of enemy Rebels.

Dexter did look slightly crestfallen as he too noticed the perfectly missed opportunity. “Why? Why does this always happen to me? Of course I get killed in that situation!”

Malia consoled him, “It’s okay. There’s still time left in this battle to destroy someone.” Had anyone else been listening to their conversation, they would have thought she was a psychopath.

Before long, it was Malia’s turn to play the game online as Dexter handed her the controller. Malia was a bit more colorful whilst playing the game, as she usually had some kind of commentary to go along with it.


“Is no one else going to help or am I gonna have to save everyone’s ass?”

“Oh my God, I’m all by myself, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?”

“Oh no, oh shit, oh no, crap, crap, oh crap, SHIIEEETT!”

Most of these lines were usually followed by her either narrowly making it out alive or getting killed in a way that sometimes involved explosions. Because that’s what kind of effort it took to take her down.

And then there were the times she did something worth boasting over. Like when an AT-ST managed to kill her, but not before she got an Ion Torpedo in.

And in doing so, annihilating the stupid machine from her proverbial grave.

“You stopped NOTHING! You accomplished NOTHING!” Malia exclaimed with gusto, as if she were talking to the opposing player himself.

She would have her fist in the air too, completely over-exaggerating the whole scenario and making her best friend laugh in the process.

Malia looked over at Dexter, who was doubled over on the couch laughing, and smiled with glee. So she got a bit enthusiastic with gaming sometimes, so what? At least she had a best friend who shared the same love of video games and didn’t mind the random outbursts of emotion.

Who needs normalcy when you have Star Wars?



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