New Whole Blends

garnier whole blends 1

Hello everyone! In case you haven’t heard already, Garnier has a new hair care line called Whole Blends. I (being a fan of Garnier) had to get my hands on some.

It was kind of hard to decide at first, all of them sound so nice, but I managed to stick to one type as the scent pretty much sold me. Also, it revitalizes and boosts shine! I purchased the Green Apple & Green Tea scent.


I would just like to say that this stuff smells AMAZING. Although, I will admit that anything with the scent of green tea will suck me in. Still, it’s a very pleasant smell and you can’t go wrong with shampoo and conditioner that helps to revitalize your hair.

There is also a spray that goes with this line and I purchased that too but I will save that review for tomorrow. For now, I want to talk about these two babies.

I feel like these rival the Suave Naturals line that I love so much, it feels like I’m not weighing my hair down at all. The scent is light and refreshing and it basically brings spring to my shower.


Apologies for the terrible lighting, my hair looks an entirely different color (orange) for some reason but you get the gist. It’s still a bit damp but you can tell that my hair looks very smooth and it definitely has a natural shine. It feels SO HEALTHY too.

Would I recommend? Of course! Whole Blends has other types of hair care that will more than likely cater to what you want/need. And all the scents are very pleasing, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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