Nostalgia: Music Artists


Hello everyone! I’m back with another installment in my Nostalgia posts. I totally forgot to do one last week so I’ll make up for it this week. I’m enjoying these already.

So growing up in the 90’s meant growing up with certain music artists and such. It’s almost too weird to see them now and see how they’ve changed. Or haven’t in some cases. It just blows my mind.

What prompted this post was just the other day I was going through YouTube and watching some of my favorite videos of Hispanic artists and a certain song came up that I absolutely love.

This was about two years ago so it’s not that recent but just watching it again all I could think was “holy hell, it’s so crazy to see Ricky Martin and J.Lo still to this day” because I basically grew up with these artists!

Doesn’t it just hit you sometimes? Especially with Ricky Martin because I felt like for awhile there, he wasn’t in the limelight much. This then got me thinking about all the artists I loved in the 90’s.

I had quite the vast taste, being Hispanic myself, I liked English and Spanish songs. I also didn’t discriminate in genres, I enjoyed everything from the infamous punk rock to R&B. I had to delve into my music to find my old faves but it was well worth it. Anyone else have moments like these? Please do share!

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