Favorite Nude Lip Look


Hello everyone! I don’t know what it is about nude lip looks but I absolutely love them. And it’s taken me time and lots of trial and error to finally be completely happy with one.

Curious about my lip combination for my favorite go-to nude look? Well then, keep reading to find out more! You will be happy to know that it’s both easy and affordable.

The lip products are both from L’Oreal Paris. You can find their products at pretty much any drugstore and for great prices. That’s what I love about this look, anyone can manage it without breaking the piggy bank.

The lipstick shade I use is 843 Toasted Almond and the lip gloss is 159 Golden Splash.

Don’t let the sticker color fool you, toasted almond is not as dark as it’s portrayed. As you can see from my pic, it’s a beautiful shade of creamy brown. The gloss is a fantastic peachy-coral color. Now time for some swatches plus a pic of the lip look.

The swatches show you more in depth of what the colors are like. When the two lip products are combined, it creates the nude lip look that I’m wearing in the second shot. It’s a perfect everyday nude that I’m OBSESSED with. Some close-up shots are next.

It’s so gorgeous and I’m totally in love. I finally found the perfect nude lip and I don’t think I’ll get over it any time soon. I’ve been wearing it pretty much every single day. If you want this effortless look, be sure to give it a try! And then share your results with me.

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With love,



6 thoughts on “Favorite Nude Lip Look

    • Thanks! I love the lipstick as well, it actually looks really good on its own too. But the gloss adds that nice sheen and makes it more nude toned. It’s such a lovely combo!


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