Secret Destinations


Hello everyone! I’m starting this Tuesday off with a beauty centered review. It’s something a bit different, but it’s something we all use. Deodorant.

Sometimes, believe it or not, it can be quite difficult to find a decent antiperspirant. So when I’m on the hunt, I do my research and read all the labels. This Secret invisible solid deodorant intrigued me from the very beginning.

This particular one is from the Secret Destinations Collection. I got the scent Hawaii/Citrus Breeze. You will note that it claims to give 48 hour odor protection. That’s kind of what drew me in. I need something that will be strong enough to get me through a long day that usually includes exercise.

My thoughts on this are as follows:

The scent itself is very appealing to me, I really enjoy citrus scents a lot. It’s not overpowering, it’s actually quite light. And whenever I go on my daily walks I notice that it gives a little more oomph to help with odor. It’s like a citrus refresher for my underarms.

I really like this deodorant, out of all the Secret ones I’ve tried so far this is my favorite. The scent is pleasant and kicks up a notch when needed AND it actually lasts a long time. I woke up the next morning and I could actually still smell a little citrus.

Also, if you don’t think this scent is for you, there are actually others.


I noticed they didn’t picture the Capri one, which is a scent I saw at my store so I googled it and it turns out there are many more scents for everyone!


I literally want to go out and buy a couple more of these just because of the scents. And another thing, this can pass off as a perfume sometimes! I actually had family members ask what I was wearing and while I tried REALLY hard not to answer with a pun, I said:

“It’s a secret.”

I’m sorry, somebody stop me.

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With love,



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