New Look!


Hello and happy Monday everyone! I have some exciting news! My designer friend finished editing his great photography work for my blog!

It’s not a ginormous change for the blog, but a subtle new look that helps freshen things up. I wanted to show off the photography that my friend did for me and let you guys have a peek at what we worked on.

You can find my lovely designer (and talented artist) friend on Twitter and his site. Now onto the photos!

Hopefully you guys recognize the stuff, most of it has been used in past blog posts for reviews and what not. I thought it was a fun idea to use things that were mentioned on my site and basically what embodies The Purple Realm.

Remember: if you enjoy the small things in life, this is for you.

I hope you guys love the new look as much as I do! And don’t worry, I will have a beauty review up later this evening so everything is back to normal.

With love,



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