My Daily Skincare


Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a good week so far! I’m going to keep talking about skincare in today’s post because I feel like it’s important to share these things.

So if any of you are curious about my current daily skincare routine, this will be very informational. Also, I’m an oily acne-prone skin type so skincare is pretty much extremely important.

I will talk about my skincare routine in steps. It will be easier for me to list things off that way.


Step 1: Cleansing

Once a week I use a scrub to get rid of my dead skin cells and prep my skin for products like facial cleansers. This way, my skin will get the most out of my beauty regimen. Other than that, every morning I will use my new Aveeno cleanser to get my face clean and ready for the day.

Step 2: Moisturizing

This is important, even for oily skin types. If your face isn’t properly moisturized, your skin will only produce more oil to balance everything out. I have been favoring my new Aveeno moisturizer with SPF. It’s two steps in one with the sunscreen.

Now here’s the trick that’s changed my whole routine for the better: allow your moisturizer at least 10 minutes to set.

This literally made the biggest difference, it has allowed my beauty products to sit perfectly on my face without feeling like everything was going to melt off.


Step 3: Skin Prep

Sometimes I do use makeup primer but lately I’ve been leaning more towards my Skin Food pore serum. It does basically the same thing, it preps my skin by minimizing my pores and reducing sebum. Again, allowing this to set also makes a huge difference.

Depending on what I’m doing that day, I either wear makeup or I don’t. If I do, I’ve been going more for my BB cream because it’s lightweight and perfect for everyday use.

Step 4: Makeup Removal

This step is SO CRUCIAL if you have acne-prone skin like myself. I try to go as much as I can without wearing makeup but there are some days that I do. And when I do, I make sure that at the end of the day I remove everything as thoroughly as possible.

I will use a makeup removal wipe and then I will use my Garnier micellar cleansing water. The wipe is literally just to remove the bulk of the makeup and the micellar water helps to remove whatever is leftover AND help cleanse my face. I have found that this is the BEST way to get rid of everything and make sure my pores aren’t getting clogged.

Hopefully this was very helpful to any of you reading out there. This is what has worked the best for me and I felt the need to share with my lovely readers. Let me know your thoughts!

With love,



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