Friday Fun Day


Hey guys! How’s it going? I mentioned last week on Twitter that I had been out most of the day Friday so I didn’t post anything.

Well now I’m going to do a recap of that fun day out with my mom and sis! I did some shopping, ate some tasty food, and generally blew off some steam.

We drove out of town and stopped at a Marshalls and I couldn’t take my eyes away from all the beautiful mugs! It took me forever and a day to pick one out but I did eventually choose one.

I also got a candle from the same brand as my last one! It smells amazing, definitely fitting of the name Paradise Escape because it smells tropical and lovely.

We went out to eat at a restaurant called BJ’s and it’s fantastic, I’ve been there before and friends have compared it to the Cheesecake Factory. Lucky for us, the mall was right next to it so we got to go straight into shopping after lunch.

This was my order, I had a lunch special so I got soup plus the actual meal. It was crazy! I got full so fast but oh my goodness, everything was delicious. The soup I had was a Tuscan Tomato Bisque, yum! And the rest was a chicken, bacon, and ranch wrap with fries.

I got a few things from H&M and I got a FANTASTIC smelling body mist from Victoria’s Secret. It’s called Bombshell and it smells oh so divine, I can’t quite explain it but the best I can say is that it’s fun and flirty.

These are the cute shirts I got whilst browsing H&M. I love these so much! I’ve already worn one out and I love how it fits and looks. The colors scream spring and summer, they are totally perfect and comfy.

And then from there we started heading home and made a pit stop at a central market type place. It was a very fun filled day that I totally needed. I hope you guys enjoyed reliving it with me!

With love,



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