The Super Sizer Mascara


Hello everyone! I’m keeping up with my new product testing today and I’m going to share my review on a mascara.

This is also from Covergirl and fairly new: the Super Sizer mascara. Curious about the results? Be sure to keep reading for more!

I got this in the standard black since my lashes are pretty dark on their own. So the claims are that this gives you 400% corner-to-corner volume. Hence, the name “super sizer.” This sounded right up my alley since I like my mascaras to be geared towards volume.

The wand itself is pretty unique, but it’s supposed to help with coating every lash. It’s angled to help reach inner lashes and the instructions on the back even say to twirl the wand to get the best results.

I already have photos of myself without mascara on so to get a reference, check out my last mascara review here.

Now here’s me wearing the Super Sizer.

Pretty impressive I must say. However, I’m a bit iffy on the claim of this giving me 400% volume. If I’m being honest, it does a decent job on the volume but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s THAT much. Still a great product though and something I might repurchase in the future. It’s comfortable and lasts all day.

Have any of you tried this new mascara yet? And if so, what are your thoughts on it?

With love,



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