Spring KPOP Playlist


Happy Friday to you all! I think it’s been FAR too long since I last did a suggestion post like this. Spring has got me feeling certain musical vibes and the KPOP world has had some great new additions recently.

Some songs I suggest in this playlist are fairly new and some are from last year, but they all embody that fresh and bright feeling that comes with the seasonal beautiful weather.

Lee Hi – My Star

This song is so GOOD and of course, Lee Hi has an amazing voice. The music video has this fantastic retro vibe that complements the song perfectly. Be sure to check out her official channel for more great songs from her new album!

miss A – Only You

Something about this song, it’s got a funky beat that makes it really catchy. It’s easy to listen to as well. Another great song from miss A to check out is I Don’t Need A Man.


From the beginning notes of this song, you can tell that this is a nice and smooth tune. Totally fun to play while getting ready in the morning.

B.A.P – Feel So Good

Okay, come on. How can you go wrong when the title is literally Feel So Good? You know it’s going to be a great song to jam out to! The music video is fresh and bright as well.

Baek Ji Young & Song Yoo Bin – Garosugil at Dawn

You know I have to include some mellow tunes as well, right? It’s only fair when the rest of this playlist is so upbeat. This song is perfect for a chill night in. Or out, relaxing in the backyard under the stars. You will get it when you listen to this gorgeous song.

Yoon Mi Rae – Always

So if you haven’t heard of this song, you must not be into K-Dramas. This song is popular and with good reason. Not just because it comes from Descendants of the Sun either. While the drama itself is insanely famous, the song is deserving of love because of how beautiful it is. Trust me and give it a listen.

I, of course, have even more songs than this on my playlist. If you guys would like a part two or a K-Drama suggestion next time, show this post some love!

With love,



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