Mini Spring Soap Haul


Hey guys! How’s it going? I had a bit of a mini stock-up with Bath & Body Works again. I even got some of their new soaps!

One thing I always like to get whilst at the store is the new fragrances mixed in with some old favorites. Plus, it’s never a bad thing to keep soaps and scentportables stocked.


Old favorites! Sea Island Cotton, Dancing Waters, and French Lavender. Always good to have on hand. Get it? I apologize for any more bad puns I have in the future by the way.

These original scents are pretty self explanatory so onto the new soaps then.


Nectarine Sun Tea is an amazing mix of sweet sun tea and ripe nectarine and oh my goodness guys, this one is my favorite so far. Watermelon Lemonade is a simple combination of juicy watermelon and sweet meyer lemon. And then there’s Cherry Champagne Toast, which is a flirty blend of juicy cherries, sparkling champagne, and red hibiscus.

I didn’t just make this post to share my beautiful smelling soaps, I also wanted to share some amazing deals and a coupon code with you lovely readers.

BBW has some retired fragrances for only $6 and select 3-wick candles are only $15! Hand soaps are also buy one, get one free right now. So many deals are going on so be sure to get in on this.

Today only, use coupon code BEACHREADY to get $1 shipping on orders of $25 or more. Are you going to stock up on your faves? Or are you going to try new fragrances?

With love,



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