K-Beauty Samples Pt.1


Hello everyone and happy Friday! I got quite a post to start back on my regular blogging schedule.

With recent purchases I made online I managed to snag some really nice beauty samples! All K-Beauty of course, I love me some Korean skincare. I’m doing this in parts because I got a bunch to trial and I wanted to keep everything going smoothly.

First off, excuse the messy looking second shot, I accidentally opened the sample weird and got it everywhere. Anyway, the first product is something that I definitely wanted to try. It’s Tony Moly’s sun block with SPF of 50.

Application was easy, the scent was light, and it felt really good on the face. I definitely felt better about sun exposure with this on my skin. I like it!

This next sample is probably one of my favorites from the bunch. It’s the Water Drop Sleeping Pack from Lioele. It’s basically a nighttime moisturizer, but it’s very light! I was pleasantly surprised when I placed this on.

It felt like a gel type of moisturizer, it was really cool applying it because it sunk in so easily. Definitely a great product for people with oily skin like myself.


I was so excited about trying out this BB cream that I have heard so much about from Skin 79, but unfortunately the shade was WAY too light. I wish that when it came to foundations that the seller would at least ask about your shade when sending samples.

Well that does it for this part. Be sure to keep an eye out for parts 2 and 3 coming next week! I have way more in store for you lovely readers.

With love,



4 thoughts on “K-Beauty Samples Pt.1

  1. Nice stash! I felt the same about the Tony Moly sunscreen, but I have yet to test it under makeup.

    My problem with getting so many samples is that I’ll never be able to use them all… I’d give them away, but everyone I know who likes kbeauty has the same problem. LOL.


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