K-Beauty Samples Pt.2


Hey guys! It’s Monday and the start of a brand new week! Thank goodness because after the craziness of last week, I could use a fresh start.

Continuing my review of many K-Beauty skincare samples as promised, I present to you part 2. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

First up is popular brand Etude House and their moistfull collagen deep cream. Sounds like a lot but it’s just a really nice, deep moisturizer meant for rejuvenating skin and making it look younger.

I will say that it did feel kind of heavy, I’m used to light moisturizers that sink in quickly. So this is probably one product I wouldn’t actually purchase. I just didn’t fully enjoy the feel of it on my skin. Maybe this is more suited for dry skin types.

Next up is something new and something I definitely haven’t heard of before. Cheese based cream and foundation? One is cream cheese and the other is fondant cheese supposedly, and from a brand I’m not familiar with.

The foundation was a no go again because they sent me the lightest shade. The tone up cheese cream however, was a nice little surprise. It’s a moisturizer that also helps with radiance. I wore this on a makeup-less day and noticed my complexion looked very nice and even. Thumbs up!

Last on this list is a smooth egg skin peeling gel from Holika Holika. This is a cool product because I have used Korean peeling masks before. It’s like a gentle exfoliator, it peels away dead skin cells with ease.

You rub the gel on your face and it gently peels while doing so. It’s a bit hard to explain but it’s similar to this. I definitely would purchase a full size version of this product. I love peeling stuff and this helps with my skincare regimen too.

Well that’s it for this part, I hope you lovely readers look forward to the third and final part coming tomorrow!

With love,



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