K-Beauty Samples Pt.3


Hey guys, how’s it going? I have been having WAY too much fun playing Overwatch, a new video game that’s super popular everywhere and for good reasons. It’s been hard to tear away from it to do work.

But here I am! I repurchased my fave Etude House tints and I got more skincare and beauty samples. Funnily enough, the samples are all primarily Tony Moly brand.

First up is a cream moisturizer with goat milk. Interesting! I haven’t actually heard of this product before and I was eager to try it as I usually like things from Tony Moly.

I would like to say I fully enjoyed the product, but it did give me a bit of a greasy feeling having it on. I’m sure this moisturizer would be great for dry skin types, but it’s just not for me. It’s too heavy for my tastes.

Next up is a pore gel cream. I got some Skin Food apple pore cream vibes from this so I was pretty excited to try it out. It’s made with cypress water which again, very interesting!

Applying this on was great, it felt very light and refreshing and it smelled lovely. It’s like a nice base for makeup or a great pore minimizing product for a fresh look. Definitely on my list of likes.

Third on the list is a prestige Jeju snail cream. I like products with snail secretion because believe it or not, it’s great for the skin. I was ready to give this moisturizer a go.

Unfortunately, same as some of the other heavy creams, I didn’t like the feeling of it. I’m sure it moisturizes exceptionally well but it was just too much for me and my oily skin.

Last but most certainly not least, a brightening foam cleanser! I was REALLY pumped to give this a try because if you know me, I love foaming type cleansers. I have two go-to Korean products under that category.

After giving this a try, I fell in love. I might have a third go-to cleanser soon once I’m able to get my hands on a full size. The product feels amazing, smells great, and does the job of getting my face clean. My skin totally felt rejuvenated with this cleanser. Big thumbs up!

That’s the finale for this series, thanks to all my lovely readers for giving these posts some love. I really appreciate it.

With love,



2 thoughts on “K-Beauty Samples Pt.3

    • I guess depending on the color, the lasting power is more or less because I notice when I wear the red one, I still have it on pretty much all day! Thanks for reading ❤


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