Summer Vibes


Hello all you lovely readers! I promised I would do a recap sort of post to share some cool pics from my mini vacation with the fam bam.

Well I’m here today to fulfill that promise and with lots of beautiful photos. If you love beach and pool aesthetics, this is definitely for you. Enjoy!

Super fancy bathroom with a Keurig and Starbucks, check. Nice amazing scenery by the poolside, check.

Some Snapchat moments because Galveston had a cool filter. And because of my gorgeous morning view.

Beach aesthetics on fleek. Beautiful weather on deck.

Some appreciation for the resort we stayed at as well, kudos to the lovely gazebo and such.

Can you tell I was being quite the photographer during my vacation? I couldn’t help it! So much pretty everywhere.

Some random bits I caught on camera as well.

And that’s pretty much it! I hope you all enjoyed viewing the gorgeous summer pics. Hopefully it doesn’t give you too much envy, but rather a nice sort of eye candy to help perk you up.

With love,



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