A New Favorite Site?


Hello everyone! I know that Mondays are basically an unwanted headache, you want it to be over with as soon as possible. But there are ways of bringing your mood up!

First off, start with cute stuff. I recently discovered a new site called Tokyo Otaku Mode (or TOM) and it has so many kawaii things from Japan. I ended up sticking with stationery because that’s my thing, but this site has all kinds of cool items.

I also kept up with a bit of a theme and got all Rilakkuma things. Look at how unbelievably cute the packaging is! I got a mini memo pad, a planner, and a pack of 4 regular sized memo pads.

Here are a few shots of the adorable artwork you can find inside the planner. I absolutely love the size of this too, it’s not big and bulky so it fits perfectly inside my purse. This is a fantastic item for busy people on the go.

This mini memo pad had me squealing a bit, it’s that cute. I think the size of these little notes is perfect for everyday reminders! Or even leaving words of encouragement for friends and family, you can utilize it however you want to. Whatever suits your fancy.

And last but not least, the pack of 4 memo pads. I love how the packaging opens up like a book, it’s really cool in my opinion. These are normal sized so they are way better for making grocery lists or any lists in general. Look at how adorable the artwork is for all of them though! I love that each one is different.

That’s basically it, I told you guys I stuck with stationery. Be sure to visit the site here and check out all the other cool items that they have. And if you would like to browse the section I bought from, go here and have fun!

With love,



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