Tokyo Goodies


Hey guys! Continuing on from yesterday, I want to talk more about TOM and how great it is for all your Japanese goods.

If you would like to see why I like this site so much, be sure to read yesterday’s post and continue reading this one for more info. Everything is authentic and comes directly from Japan!

I totally forgot to mention this in yesterday’s post but my order came in SUPER quick! I didn’t even pay for the fastest shipping, I actually chose to get the normal shipping speed but I had my order within that same week! The orders all come from Japan so that’s insanely good.

Tokyo Otaku Mode Top Page

If you are not sure yet what you would like to shop for, start from the very top!

Figures & Dolls

Are you a collector? Then click this link to go directly to the figurines!


Or are you more of a soft and cuddly type? This link will take you to the plushies! So cute.


Are you really into clothing and want to expand your horizons? Check out Japanese fashion! You won’t regret it.

If you decide to do a bulk order and get at least $80 worth of stuff, you get FREE SHIPPING. Plus, this site always has cool deals going on and ways to earn coupons really easily. There is literally no harm in checking out Tokyo Otaku Mode because you have so many ways of getting a great deal.

With love,



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