New Month, New Deals!


Hello and happy 1st of August guys! This time of the year always gets me really excited because it is (you guessed it) closer to the fall/autumn season.

With the season coming soon, this also means new deals! Bath & Body Works already has their seasonal stuff coming in and Ulta has a great freebie gift. Keep reading for all the details.

I’ll be sharing Ulta’s special first because it’s only around until the end of this month and while supplies last. If you make a purchase of $21.50 or more, you can get a FREE 13 piece set! Get a look and read the info here.

They also seem to have a lot of sales going on so be sure to browse the site for all your faves.

Gerard Cosmetics has a great sale back on with 3 lipsticks for $20! They have some of the best lippies available (and gorgeous shades) so don’t miss out and check it out.

Bath & Body Works has FREE shipping on orders of $30 or more, use the code: JUICY.

AND they have their fall/autumn stuff already in! If you are a huge lover of the season like I am, you might want to get in on that. Check out the line-up here.

My personal fave is Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, which I know sounds like it shouldn’t be that wondrous but it is.

Is anyone else excited? I am way too pumped. I hope everyone gets in on these amazing sales! Let me know if you are more of a summer person or a fall person, I would love to hear your thoughts.

With love,



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