Handwriting & Calligraphy


Hello everyone! I was actually going to do a post about this later on but Megan Batoon once again, proving she’s my spirit animal, posted something interesting to her social media.

She’s practicing calligraphy! I have been on a kick lately of bettering my handwriting (by practicing it loads) and wanting to start calligraphy. I think it’s beautiful and can honestly be a great hobby or stress reliever.

As a writer, I love writing. Obviously.

I know lately it’s mostly been typing up my writing, with running a blog and all. But lately, I’ve really been wanting to get back to doing the old school way.

I have never truly liked my own handwriting very much, I think it’s way too messy and sometimes hard to read. I’ve had anxiety about it ever since some people made a comment about it.

So I see pictures all the time of beautiful handwriting when I look up stationery and work space ideas and I get to thinking, why not just practice writing in a notebook? Take some time and just write whatever I feel like. I’ll have Netflix in the background playing one of my favorite shows like Supernatural.

Let me tell you, it’s been helping me out a ton! My writing is more confident, I actually like what I’m looking at and I can tell it’s easier to read. All you need is a little nudge in the right direction and you are good to go. Whether it be inspiration from a role model or a thought that turns into an idea, allow it to get you going.

With love,



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