Small Doses of Happiness


Hello and happy Friday to you all! Have I mentioned I’m happy it’s August? Because it basically means that fall is around the corner.

I recently had a fun filled weekend with family, full of good food and company. We also had a bit of shopping as well. So here’s a short recap to get you guys excited for the weekend!

We visited one of my favorite stores, which is Marshall’s. I absolutely adore their mugs! And I love that they usually have an interesting tea and coffee section with new things to try. I’ll get to which mug I picked out later.

This outfit was bought at the same store, I told you that I love Marshall’s. I ended up wearing this to a baby shower that was a bunch of fun. I won like 3 prizes at that baby shower, it was the luckiest day for me.

We also ate at another favorite of mine, BJ’s! I love how they are similar to Cheesecake Factory in which you have so many different foods to choose from. I had this amazing guacamole burger that I couldn’t finish because it was so big.

At the end of the weekend, not only did I get a mug with MY letter on it, I also managed to find the bigger size of one of my favorite candles! All I can say is, this is one of the best weekends I’ve had in awhile.

Anyone else had a great weekend recently? Or maybe you have exciting plans coming up soon? I enjoy this time of year so much. It’s like an opening act to more exciting things, like the changing of the seasons and the holidays.

With love,



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