YSL Glossy Stain


Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well, I had a REALLY long day out yesterday but it was much needed.

Now that I’m well rested, I can type up this review on another sample from Nordstrom. Get excited because it’s lip related! I am that woman, the woman who can never have too many lipsticks and such. I got to try three YSL Glossy Stains!

So I got three sample stains in three categories: the classics, the rebels nudes, and the plump up. Needless to say, I was giddy. I tried 12 (classic), 105 (nudes), and the plump up shade is the only one available because it’s a sheer.

My initial thoughts were that this product smells a lot like wine. I know, it sounds strange but they do have a strong scent of berries that I would find in red wine. It’s not unpleasant but I thought I should give you a heads up.

I have the worst lighting known to mankind but here are the two colors. The nude is first (left) and the classic is the second (right). I tried the sheer one on its own and it wasn’t mind blowing or anything so I didn’t get a picture.

Now as for the formula, it was a bit sticky at first when I was applying the stain on, but I gave it a few minutes and it was fine after. Very moisturizing! The color payoff is great as well, I liked how long they lasted. If you like lip glosses, these are definitely for you. You get the shine plus a wonderful shade of whatever color you choose.

I had never tried YSL products before this so I got to say, I am now a fan.

With love,



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