Hey guys! It’s Friday and I know this week has been meager on the posts so I have a little update about that.

It’s better to get it out there than not discuss it all. Things are changing.

As I’ve mentioned before, I do have a PayPal Donation Button here on the site. Please click and check it out and if you can, be sure to donate. If not, spread the word to your friends and see if they are interested in keeping the site alive.

I’m not going to lie, it’s getting extremely difficult to keep up the reviews and such so if you lovely readers want to see more of that, please donate.

However, if there’s one thing I can keep going, it’s all the short stories I’ve been keeping on the back burner. One of the main reasons why I haven’t posted them as much is so I could save them for a better time.

So there will still be content going out, but it will mostly be fun little bits and things I’ve been working on. Again, if you guys came here (and subscribed to me) for the reviews, please help out and donate so I can keep those up. Otherwise, I’m not sure how I can.

Because of this new thing I’m doing with the site, the content will be spread out even more. It will be more like 1-2 posts a week. I hope everyone can understand! And again, if you would love to help out, I would greatly appreciate it!

With love,



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