My Wishlist: Dream Home


Hey guys! Writing something a bit different today because I felt so inspired. I love it when I see things that get my creative juices flowing.

I want to share with all you lovely readers my wishlist for the dream home. My dream home. So now you can get an idea of what I would love to be living in.

This list will include some random bits, but I am nothing if not random. I feel like it represents me and my tastes so well.


I can’t be the only person who dreams of having a nice area for a garden, am I right? It’s not just about flowers anymore, it’s about growing your own vegetables and fresh herbs. I love food and cooking so I feel like this is a must for me.


While we are talking about the exterior of the home, I would absolutely love a screened-in porch. I feel like this is definitely for me as I love to spend relaxing days outside, but don’t want to get bit by all the bugs. It’s a win-win scenario.


This particular tea set is amazing, however, I will be happy with any tea set. With me being such an avid tea drinker, I must have a full and proper tea set for my dream home. I can serve multiple people tea with style!


Inspiring artwork is my thing! I love seeing tweets with motivating quotes and such, I feel like having that kind of positive energy in artwork form is fantastic. I can look at it whenever I’m having a bad day. It would be the best kind of pick-me-up, it’s pretty and motivational at the same time.


A book nook has and always will be on my dream home list. I am a huge book lover, I read as often as I can and I enjoy buying new books whenever the feeling hits. I must have a perfect area to relax and read. This is totally my aesthetic as well.


This is a combination of two things, a cozy desk to work on my writing stuff and an area for all my books. Both are must haves for me. This particular picture is total dream home goals but I’m perfectly happy with having both things separated as well.


I mentioned earlier that I love food and cooking so it’s sad that at the moment I don’t own one of these. This is why the Kitchen Aid is a dream home item for me. I feel like this will really help with me and my love of baking as well. It’s amazing for many recipes and what not, how can anyone not want this?


A free standing bath tub is a HUGE must! This is going to sound like I’m exaggerating or something, but I haven’t had a proper bath in years. Yes, I know, it’s awful and I definitely want to change that. Because I still live at home with family, I don’t have the option of having a relaxing bath. This is why the tub is definitely dream home material.


Now I know this one is going to sound like one big joke but this is actually on my list! Not kidding. Hear me out, if you don’t know what Poo-Pourri is or what it does, you will definitely be interested once I tell you. It’s a “before-you-go” toilet spray that stops odor in its tracks! And the scientifically tested formula is made with essential oils and not with harsh chemicals. Having it in guest bathrooms will have family and friends feeling grateful for your preparedness. This is a must for any bathroom really.

Well, that’s it for now. This is obviously just bits and pieces but I wanted to give you guys an idea of what I look for in my future home. Things that make me happy and suit my tastes. Thanks for reading! Have a happy weekend!

With love,



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