Halloween Relaxation


Hey guys, Happy Halloween! Today’s blog post is so fitting, the sheet mask I’m going to be reviewing is pitch black! How cool is that?

And it’s great for the skin, don’t let the color of the mask fool you. It’s the power of charcoal baby so you know it’s going to be amazing.

I love how the packaging is almost Halloween themed, with the black and orange-red. It just makes this review all the more perfect. I timed everything so well.

So this is the Yes To brand that everyone and their mother should know about by now, it’s popular and easy to find at drugstores. I bought two masks for $5 which is a great deal when buying sheet masks individually.

And if you are a beauty enthusiast like myself, you definitely know all the benefits of charcoal and how great it is for detoxifying your skin.

This mask is soaked in serum, which I absolutely love because sometimes a mask can be really dry and feel like a waste. I enjoyed the smell of the mask as well, it was very spa-like and not bad at all. You can wear the mask for as little as 10 minutes or you can do longer, which is what I did.

Now the purpose of the mask is to detoxify the skin so it’s great for when you have had a really long and hard week and your face has been through the runner. Trust me, you will feel the power of the mask once you put it on. It’s refreshing and when you’re done with it, your face has a light tingling sensation. Nothing to worry about either, my face had no adverse effects.

As for results, I think this was a good buy. My face felt completely rejuvenated and it looked a lot less dull. I will admit, there was A LOT of serum so I rinsed a bit of the excess off but I rather have that than not enough serum. This might be my go-to when I’m having a particularly rough week.

So all you lovely readers out there, if you’re looking for a new mask to try (especially for Halloween) this is a winner! It’s black and mysterious and just all around makes you feel cool. I love it!

With love,


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