Battle of the Disinfectant


Hello everyone and happy Friday to you all! Today’s blog post is more about at home cleanliness. What’s an item that everyone seems to go for in everyday cleaning?

Disinfecting wipes of course! They’re convenient and kill 99% of bacteria. The cold weather means flu season is upon us so I tried two well known brands and put them to the test.

Every time I visit the store to get some disinfecting wipes for the house, I come across Lysol and Clorox all the time. The problem was, which one is better? So over the course of a couple of months, I tried both and I have come to a decision.

Let’s do this by comparison.

Up first is Lysol. The wipes have a very thin texture and when I go to clean a table or a general surface, I feel like I always need at least two. That already was a red flag for me, I don’t like that I’m having to use multiple wipes EVERY time I clean an area.

The smell is pretty good at first, it’s a nice citrus scent but then you are left with this weird artificial note afterwards and it’s not great. I always end up washing my hands and using lotion to mask the smell, I’m not keen to it. The only good thing I could make out of this was that it does clean well, but there are so many downsides.

Then it was Clorox. I was already miffed after a few weeks of using Lysol so I wasn’t particularly excited about using these wipes. However, I ended up being pleasantly surprised by my results.

The texture of these wipes feel way more durable. It’s stretchy and I only ever use one wipe at a time. I never had to use two at once. On top of that, the formula of this wipe has more cleaning power to it, it actually foams up a bit! I used this in the bathroom as well, it felt like it was doing such a great job.

And the scent is much better with this one. There is a hint of an artificial smell but it’s so faint, sometimes I don’t even notice. It’s more pleasant overall and that’s why I used this brand more around the house. It didn’t feel like I was leaving a weird smell on my hands either.

Want to know what else? Clorox was cheaper than the Lysol brand! I bought these at my local Wal-Mart too. So my final verdict is to opt for Clorox, you won’t regret it. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

With love,



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